To impact our community by providing respectful and collaborative services in a kind and simple manner to anyone who has been touched by mental health issues. We have a strong belief that mental health is a critical component of everyone’s overall wellness.  Everything we do sums up the name of our organization….no matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, it’s never too late to start on Your Journey.

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“Mary helped me find myself and gave me the tools that I needed to deal with my feelings in a way that cleared my judgement for the better”.     Sue P.

“I feel like the services I’ve received have given me a better understanding of my mental health. Since starting therapy I feel like I am a better person and have a much better quality of life. I’ve always been treated with respect and dignity. Very comforting and non-judgmental. “

Ashley C.

When I first came to Your Journey, I was guilt ridden and full of anxiety, and hid behind this facade of happiness, which I wasn’t happy.  Mary took me in and started to fix this broken women. Mind you, I had just left a 38 year relationship and was a drunk.  I am no longer a drunk and live alone with my cat happily.  I no longer have the need to hide behind the alcohol and fake smiles, my pain will never leave but I can live with it since coming to Your Journey where I was given tools to cope.  Deb S.

“I have had such a positive rewarding experience in the four years I have been with Your Journey. Mary has great insight into some very useful strategies that I am able to put into practice for dealing with my life’s challenges. She has also shown me ways to gain a different perspective and in turn it has been helpful to me by allowing me to face my challenges with renewed sense of confidence. I have always felt heard and validated. The environment as well is extremely warm and inviting. So glad I have found this place along my journey!! “

 By: T.L.C.

“I cannot say enough in recommending Mary White as a couples and individual therapist.  Mary is present, aware, and compassionate, but also very honest and wise. She has consistently challenged me to grow and face my issues, and empowers me always with positivity and courage.”  SB


“During my darkest times, they were my shining light”  KH

“ Being a part of the Your journey family is a Blessing ! It has played an amazing and tremendous part in my life for the best at the worst of times . When I go in feeing low in spirits I always come out feeling lifted and ready for whatever comes next ! Much Appreciation go to M.W . I’ve came along way because of you , I’m forever grateful !” 


“Your Journey” Exactly, one no one else can take for you, or for me.  One no one else can tell me how to feel about.  One I don’t have to figure out all by myself.  When I needed a safe place to figure out my reactions to the journey I am on, I found it here. Kindness, warmth, knowledge, inspiration, direction, choices, non-judgmental, encouragement, validation,  and more.  A safe place to work things out, because it’s my journey.  -L  

Your Journey provides a safe and nurturing environment for its clients. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care that has been given to us. Thank you for offering such a professional and caring service. Your Journey truly fills a need in Aroostook County.  ~A.B.

“I would tell people that Mary is a good listener, and that not only does she know the right questions, she knows the right time to ask them to assist people on their journey.”  Teddi L.


How do I sum up my experience here in just a couple of sentences?  I guess I would use adjectives like “kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, inspirational, knowledgeable, encouraging, respectful and safe. -L

Sherri is a great listener and always gives me things to think about between sessions.  L.L.

“She is kind, caring and calls it like she sees it.”  Sarah L.

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